Darcy Bomford

Co-Founder & CEO

From an early age, Darcy always had a love for animals and a dog by his side. “Charley was my first dog, a spaniel-cross who always 8lted his head when you asked him something. He was also the dog in the Darford® logo. There have been many dogs since then, all of them different, all of them leaving an indelible mark in my life that came from their incredible loyalty and unconditional love” – says Darcy Bomford, CEO

Darcy and Scout from Trueleaf
Darcy and Scout. Scout is a chocolate lab with a great personality and propensity for sticks, raw carrots, and car rides with the window’s down. Darcy and Scout can be found mountain biking, hiking, sailing (or fetching stick) throughout the year near their home in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, in the interior of British Columbia.

A pet-industry veteran with over three decades of executive management experience in manufacturing and brand development. Darcy started out as an entrepreneur when he recognized a gap in the market for higher-quality, wellness products for pets. At 16, he started his own supplement company and sold the products out of his van to pet and health food stores across Western Canada. This evolved into the creation of the Darford® brand of dog biscuits and ‘Darford International’, a public company that gained a reputation for quality products and grew to operate three federally inspected plants in the US and Canada over 25 years.

Darcy then founded True Leaf® in 2013, and became a pioneer in the legal use of hempseed in pet supplements. The company’s products were one of the first legal hemp-based pet product lines to be endorsed by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) in 2016 and went on to sell its products throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. The company was sold to another group in 2020, but ultimately ended up back with Darcy and a new team under ‘Trueleaf Petcare Inc’ – a privately owned company, situated in Vernon BC, in January 2023.

Our mission
At True Leaf, we are inspired by a simple mission—Return the Love® that pets give us unconditionally every day.