a wagging tail greeting you at the door...

a gentle nudge from a purring cat...

wet-nosed and full of joy...

brimming with an in satiable curiosity for life...

our pets are the embodiment of living in the moment...

Return the Love™ that pets give us unconditionally every day with Trueleaf.


Get to know Trueleaf

Our Story

True Leaf is made up of people who love their pets. It is our hope that we can help people and their pets live healthier lives by embracing natural supplements designed to sustain health into the future.

Our company has evolved over time. ‘True Leaf Pet’ was originally founded in 2015 and sold to another group in 2020. Ultimately it ended up back with the original founder (Darcy Bomford) and a new team under ‘Trueleaf Petcare Inc’ in January 2023. We are happy to be back, working passionately to make a positive difference in the World.

Our Mission

At True Leaf, we are inspired by a simple mission: Return the Love® that pets give us unconditionally every day.

We’ve spent the time to research and find the perfect ingredient combinations that harness the power of nature to safely and effectively support the health and wellbeing of your furry friends.

Pioneers in supplements for pets, we provide a range of innovative products carefully crafted to support pet wellbeing while seeking sustainable solutions.

Trueleaf Petcare Inc.

Return the Love®

As we all continue life’s journey and embark on new adventures together, let’s take a moment to Return the Love®. By giving our pets the care and treatment they deserve, we can help them stay healthy and active for years to come.

Trueleaf Team

CO-Founder & CEO

Darcy Bomford

A pet-industry veteran with over three decades of executive management experience in manufacturing and brand development. Darcy started out as an entrepreneur when he recognized a gap in the market for higher-quality, wellness products for pets.


Daniela Fischer

Daniela’s love for animals began at a young age. Growing up in Brazil, animals were a constant part of her home and inspired her to get a veterinary degree to improve the quality of life of all animals. Now, after decades of working in research and development in animal health, she’s creating uncompromising products to support animal wellness.

CMA, Controller

Ruth Brennan

Ruth is Swiss-born and brings to True Leaf 35 years of experience in finance, accounting, and management in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and health science industries.


Lindsey Eadie

Lindsey is passionate about natural health and providing her pets with the best possible care. She uses her background as a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Orthomolecular Practitioner to support the optimal health of her furry friends and family.

Pioneers in supplements for pets, True Leaf is the culmination of decades of experience in pet product development and veterinary research.