Daniela Fischer


Daniela’s passion for animals started at a very young age. Growing up in Brazil, it wasn’t unusual to find 15 to 20 animals in her home from snakes to birds to dogs and cats. This led her to pursue a veterinary degree with the desire to increase the quality of life of all animals. After decades of research & development in the animal health industry,  it was time to bring to life the dream of creating better and uncompromised alternatives to support the wellness of animals.

Daniela and Moose from Trueleaf

Daniela is the loyal servant of Moose, her mischievous Bordernese. When not working, Daniela spends her time with her two kids, beloved friends, and Moose. Among her other passions are traveling and being in the wild: mountain biking, surfing, paddle boarding, riding horses, and hiking.

Daniela is an entrepreneur and investor with over 15 years of technical, corporate, and business experience. She is co-founder of Trueleaf Petcare, Chief Scientific Officer at Arya Therapeutics, and Director of Corally Life Sciences Consulting. She led Tilray’s global R&D innovation team being responsible for strategic planning and research among many others. Daniela graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Sao Paulo State University before completing her M.Sc. in Molecular and Cell Biology (University of Connecticut, CT, USA), Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (University of Guelph, ON, CA) and postdoctoral training at Tufts University (MA, USA).