Our CBD products are

third-party tested

from seed to shelf


Cannabidiol, often called CBD, is associated with pain relief and has anxiety-reducing properties. But our formulas are more than just CBD.

Active ingredients like L-theanine, chamomile and lemon balm work together to help smooth muscle contractions and support calming and relaxation without causing intoxication or a sensation of being "high".

We are committed to making sure our CBD products are true to label and perform as intended. Developed and validated by our team of expert veterinarians, our CBD products must earn the Tested True quality guarantee seal.

From seed to shelf, our CBD products are subjected to four phases of third-party laboratory testing. Here’s how it’s done.

Phase One: Ingredient quality

In phase one, our ingredient-guarantee ensures our full-spectrum CBD extract is quality-tested before it even leaves the farming facility.

Phase Two: CBD potency

During phase two, potency testing confirms our formulas have the correct, minimum CBD potency and a THC concentration of 0%.

Phase Three: Finished goods test

In phase three, our chews and oils must pass a finished goods test and are once again tested to confirm CBD potency and a THC concentration of 0%. Technicians also test for pesticides, mould and other toxins during this phase.

Phase Four: Shelf life stability

To make sure our CBD products remain high-quality on store shelves and in your pantry, the fourth and final testing phase assesses shelf-life stability for up to 18-months.

To see a copy of the certificate of analysis for our full-spectrum Hemp Leaf products

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