The Opportunity

The opportunity to invest in an early-stage company with an impactful idea is now available to everyday investors through a little-known rule called Regulation A+. Under the JOBS Act of 2012, companies seeking funding no longer have to restrict solicitation of investments to accredited investors. This means that anyone can invest in early-stage companies they believe in and have the chance to watch their investment grow with the company.

True Leaf represents an opportunity to invest in the only cannabis product company that is both generating revenues and federally legal in both US and Canada.

But this is only the beginning. Although hemp has been around for centuries, it is only now being recognized for its potential. As attitudes and laws continue to change and the promise of cannabis emerges, the ability to look deeper into this natural remedy and create products that change the lives of people and pets for the better has become a true possibility. True Leaf is happy to lead this exploration. Just like the new securities laws have paved the way for companies to raise capital from the crowd, True Leaf is helping pave the way for people and pets to lead happier, healthier lives.

By leveraging some of hemp’s beneficial properties, True Leaf has developed innovative, safe, and effective pet products that are helping furry companions turn over a new leaf.


We are only at the beginning of understanding the health benefits of cannabis.


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