Ruth Brennan

CMA, Controller

Ruth is Swiss-born and brings to True Leaf 35 years of experience in finance, accounting, and management in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and health science industries.

Ruth with her two dogs.
Throughout her career, Ruth has achieved an Accounting Diploma through Canadian studies at Mount Royal College, and a Management Diploma in Calgary, Alberta. In addition, she completed a Sales and Marketing diploma in international studies in Germany. Ruth’s ‘take action’ approach to business has seen her start, grow and sell for a profit, several businesses by herself and with her husband John, including Worldwide Wood Products Sales, a log home business. This lined up well with their outdoorsy lifestyle and allowed them to bring their beloved dogs to work, a dog-lovers dream.

In their free time, Ruth and John enjoyed skiing, skating, hiking, and camping with their dogs. Ruth’s last dogs, Alex and Bella, two sweet and loving Bernese Mountain Dogs loved this outdoor lifestyle, especially relaxing in the backyard with their people. Sadly, Ruth has since said goodbye to both her dogs but always has some love to give any dog she comes across. Her natural talent for networking and strong ability to establish and build long-term relationships extend past her doggy friends and have helped enhance the success of the True Leaf since 2013. Ruth’s passion for animals has drawn her as a supporter of the local SPCA for the past 10 years.