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As we work towards our initial goal of becoming a licensed medicinal cannabis producer in Canada, True True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. was founded in 2013 and has 2 divisions: True Leaf Medicine Inc. and True Leaf Pet Inc. 

True Leaf Medicine Inc. began as a ‘Licensed Producer’ applicant in Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) program. Shortly thereafter, the federal government changed its position on medical marijuana. It is now governed by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program and many applicants have either gone out of business or have declined to continue down the difficult road to achieve license approval. The team at True Leaf continues to persevere and the company’s application is in good standing in the security clearance stage. In 2015, when federal government license approvals markedly slowed down, the True Leaf team gathered to brainstorm on how to generate revenue now.

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. is now organized into two divisions, True Leaf Medicine and True Leaf Pet.

True Leaf Pet has entered the fast growing and dynamic pet industry with an innovative hemp-focused product offering. The company’s initial product line provides hemp-based antioxidant, joint and calming support in a soft chew format that is sold in the USA, Canada and Europe. The company is focusing on the specialty pet store market initially, with plans to launch additional products in a variety of formats to the specialty pet and other select markets as part of their long term plan.

Statistics show that consumers are looking for higher quality pet products that address health needs and improve the quality of life of their animal companions. True Leaf Pet’s product formulations capitalize on the significant health benefits of hemp and address this market demand by marketing natural products focused on providing 'quality of life' for our four-legged companions. This is a very exciting time for the investors and management team of True Leaf, and we would welcome your support in making True Leaf’s quality of life company a global success.

For more information on how you can be a part of the True Leaf team and this exceptional current investment opportunity please contact Darcy Bomford, True Leaf Chief Executive Officer or Kevin Bottomley, Director &Corporate Communications.

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Want to check out our business plan? Please download the Non-Disclosure Agreement above and email the completed form to Darcy Bomford, CEO or Kevin Bottomley, Corporate Communications to receive your copy.

• The Market Problem •

Statistics show that consumers are looking for higher quality products that address health needs common to their pets, without having to worry about food safety or harmful side effects. Products containing hemp, including hemp seed oil, hemp protein and hemp leaf, are gaining significant acceptance as evidence of their nutritional and medicinal effectiveness becomes recognized. The vast majority of the companies in this market space lack mass appeal or scalability; they offer weak product platforms and often focus on the recreational marijuana consumer.

• Our Market Solution •

True Leaf`s team has extensive experience in the pet industry and is well-positioned to meet the consumer demand for innovative pet health by marketing hemp-focused natural products that are professionally designed, scalable and legal for sale in the USA, Canada and Europe. The company’s initial product line-up will provide hemp-based antioxidant, joint and calming support in a soft-chew format that will be sold in the USA, Canada and Europe. This will be followed by additional hemp-focused products in a variety of formats for multiple indications and health benefits.

• Incredible Opportunity •

The global pet care industry is valued at $104.9B 1 . This incredible valuation is linked to three significant paradigm shifts:
⦁ The personification of pets as they become members of our family
⦁ The increasing focus on product ‘premiumization’, wellness and quality of life in our society
⦁ Rising awareness of food safety and security concerns related to continuing pet food recalls
True Leaf Pet’s initial hemp-based soft chews will enter the $9.5B global pet treat and chew market and compete in this product category as a ‘functional chew’ or supplement. This market segment continues to grow as sophisticated ‘treat’ formulas provide functional health benefits and attract supplement consumers who are seeking more natural - yet safe and effective alternatives.
• 1 Euromonitor, Pet care Global Overview 2015 and the Future Ahead, 2015
• 2 Euromonitor, Pet care Global Overview 2015 and the Future Ahead, 2015

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