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True Leaf Launches the First Crowdfunding Campaign for Cannabis Products that are Federally Legal in the US and Canada.


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True Leaf is offering a Regulation A+ initial public offering, giving anyone the opportunity to invest in hemp and cannabis products that will be fully legal in both the United States and Canada.

True Leaf is using Regulation A+ to raise $10 million Canadian. The funds will be used to grow the revenue of its subsidiary True Leaf Pet, and to advance the efforts of its subsidiary True Leaf Medicine to become a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis in Canada.

In both Canada and the US, Regulation A+ makes it possible for anyone to purchase a company’s securities.

Currently, the sale of medicinal cannabis is legal in Canada, and the Canadian Government is committed to legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes in 2018. True Leaf Medicine is in the final stage of becoming a licensed producer of medicinal marijuana. The Company’s facility is on a 40-acre site in Lumby, British Columbia. The facility will have a production capacity of over 6,000 kilograms of dried cannabis per year once phase one of the project is completed.

True Leaf’s Pet division markets only legal hemp-seed based pet products online and in 1500 stores across the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand while it seeks a license to sell medicinal cannabis in Canada. True Leaf’s current and future products will comply with laws in every jurisdiction those products are sold.



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