From Seed
to Shelf

The power of premium, naturally

sourced ingredients for your

pet's health and vitality.


Return The Love™

Made with premium, naturally sourced ingredients

Our products are high-quality, naturally sourced and backed by science.

To make sure they are safe and effective, we select our ingredients using the latest research. Chosen carefully, active and inactive ingredients in each of our formulas are blended to work together to relieve joint pain, calm your pet and support everyday health.

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Formulated and

developed by


We want our pets to have

their very  own team of health

experts. That’s  why our

Veterinarian Advisory Board

is involved in every step from

seed  to shelf. From reviewing

the latest  science to product

development to  dosage

recommendations, expert vets

make sure our products are

made with  the right ingredients

and perform  as expected.

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Our Tested True Quality Guarantee to you

Our products earn the “Tested True” seal you see on their packaging.

This badge of approval guarantees the ingredients listed on the package are what’s actually in the chew or oil. It is our promise to you that the ingredients in our products are carefully sourced and true to their label.

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Accredited third-party labs test our products in four stages

Hemp products are everywhere.

Knowing how to choose the right one for your pet is essential. We want to give your pets a premium product that is pure and effective without any intoxicating effects. That's why our products go through four phases of third-party laboratory testing on their journey from seed to shelf.


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