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• FAQ •

Is there CBD in your treats?

Sadly, Canada is behind the times with CBD. It's not legal to possess unless prescribed by a health professional; it is classified as a schedule 2 drug.

We have a CBD formulation ready when the government decides that CBD can be sold in Canada. Until then, we have our True Hemp HIP+JOINTTM. We have seen great results and have some fantastic testimonials about the efficacy of this product. Check out our story of Jack the Golden Retriever here.

Do you offer coupons or samples?

We don't currently have coupons or samples, but we have a great weekly 'free giveaway' on Fridays on our Facebook page! Visit our Facebook page here.

Are your treats safe for my cat?

We have received several stories of folks who decided to give our treats to their cats but - because our line is formulated for dogs - We can't recommend that it is safe for a cat. We are planning a launch for a cat chew sometime in 2017! Please do keep in touch with us and follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date on our progress.

Where can I buy your treats?

1. Visit www.trueleafpet.com and place an order. If you order a minimum of $49 (without tax), shipping is free! 

2. If you'd prefer to purchase in-store, you can check out our store locator here to find one near you. If there is no store near you - you can also ask your favourite pet store to order them in for you via one of our distributors across both Canada and the USA. 

Will my dog get high from your treats?

We use hemp in our product line and although hemp is a varietal classified under the genus Cannabis, it has a major differentiator; hemp does not get a person (or a pet) ‘high’.

Hemp contains 0.3% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the psychoactive component of marijuana – in its leaves and flowering parts. To learn more, please feel free to read more here.

I have a store - can I carry your treats?

We would be pleased to retail through your store! Shoot us an email at info@trueleaf.com to find the distributor in your territory.