True Leaf Supports Call for B.C. to Allow Naturopaths to Provide Safe Access to Medicinal Cannabis

Naturopathic physician points out that the legislative framework already exists in the B.C. Public Health Act

Vancouver, Canada – (October 30, 2017) – True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (“True Leaf”) (CSE: MJ) (FSE: TLA) (OTCQB: TRLFF), has endorsed a report from Dr. Chris Spooner – a member of the True Leaf Board of Directors – calling for B.C. naturopathic physicians to prescribe and dispense medicinal marijuana under the auspices of the B.C. Ministry of Health.

The recommendation is in a submission to the Government of British Columbia, which has called for input on how B.C. will determine how and where cannabis can be sold and where it can be consumed in the province, in anticipation of the legalization of marijuana by the federal government in 2018. The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2017.

Dr. Spooner is also a director on the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. His recommendations are offered as a naturopathic physician in private practice who experiences the confusion and challenges patients face daily with access to medicinal cannabis.

“Patients who use medical cannabis are often dealing with complex health issues and have resorted to medical cannabis after trying numerous other therapies,” says Dr. Spooner in his brief. “As a matter of safe access and public safety these patients deserve a dedicated healthcare professional who is willing and able to counsel them effectively while understanding the complexity of using herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals together.”

In his submission, Dr. Spooner makes the point that the Canadian Medical Association says medical doctors shouldn’t be the gatekeepers for a substance that has not gone through the established regulatory review process, as required with all other drugs. Naturopathic physicians, through the College of Naturopathic Physicians (established under the Health Professions Act), have a record of strong oversight and experience with herbal medicine that should be used as the foundation for regulated access for patients choosing to use medical cannabis.

Dr. Spooner outlines six reasons for his belief that the mechanisms for effective regulation already exist. “The legislation is already in place,” he says in his brief, “the government needs only to engage the College and request the creation of standards, limits and conditions for compounding and prescribing medical cannabis.”

True Leaf Chair Mike Harcourt, a former premier of British Columbia, sees Dr. Spooner’s proposal as an ideal way to address the current confusion about medicinal cannabis for patients seeking safe and reliable access and advice in B.C. and across Canada. 

“Access to medicinal cannabis is a ‘wild west’ situation today. There are various sources of supply, some legal and some not,” said Mr. Harcourt. “True Leaf is ready to collaborate with all health professionals and work together to create safe access and an effective dispensing system focused on enhancing quality of life for patients. After all, it’s all about the patient.”

The entire report, entitled The Safe and Effective Regulation and Distribution of Medical Cannabis in British Columbia: Naturopathic Physicians’ Potential Role in Enhancing Access, will soon be posted with the other submissions at:

About Dr. Chris Spooner

Dr. Chris Spooner is a naturopathic physician in Vernon B.C. with 19 years of experience in private practice. As a board member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia for over eight years and adjunct faculty at three naturopathic colleges, he is well-versed regarding the regulatory function mandated by the Health Professions Act and the values of evidence-based practice. Dr. Spooner is a director of the True Leaf Board.

About True Leaf

Founded in 2013, True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. has two main operating divisions: True Leaf Medicine Inc. and True Leaf Pet Inc. The company’s goal is to provide federally-approved, safe and effective cannabis products that will be sold across Canada and the United States. True Leaf Medicine was launched in July 2013 to become a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis for the Canadian market. As of October 19, 2017, True Leaf Medicine has been given approval by Health Canada to build its grow facility, and will be subject to a Health Canada security inspection upon completion to allow for the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of cannabis products. Currently, True Leaf does not have a license to produce cannabis. Established in 2015, True Leaf Pet markets safe, hemp-focused products for the pet industry. The company launched the True Hemp™ pet supplement line in Canada, the United States, and Europe; becoming one of the first hemp-based pet product lines to be marketed worldwide. True Hemp™ North American products are free of CBD and THC, making them the first federally legal products to be marketed in Canada and the United States.


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