A Day to Remember...

Special Message from Kevin Bottomley, Director. 

Yesterday was one of the most energizing days I’ve had in the past 4 years! The roll out of true leaf pet to the Marijuana community here in Chicago at the Marijuana Business Conference could not have gone better!

Almost every person that stopped by the booth had a personal connection whether it was their own pet or a friends pet there was no engagement barrier whatsoever. The direction True Leaf Pet is moving in is the RIGHT direction. We are the only company out of the 160 exhibiting companies that is focusing on products for pets and its the reason true leaf is going to be the leader in this space.

The show itself is divided into 4 trade show areas with each area hosting approximately 40 booths. The thing that really blew my mind was the flow of people. Darcy and I pitched True Leaf from 9 am to 7pm and spoke to different contacts every single time we opened our mouths…..there was zero overlap.

That is something I haven’t experienced since the start of the super bull market in resources in 2006. Being a part of a brand new industry is invigorating and really helps you get hyper focused on being successful.
Some of the questions we fielded during the day included:
  • When are you guys coming to market with your product?
  • Omg I love your concept! Do you have any samples?
  • Do you need distributors in X state?
  • I have an older dog and I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to make him more comfortable.
  • How can I purchase your product?
Today’s announcement of Dr. Silver is key as well. I fielded a half a dozen questions on our association with vets as well as speaking to vets and people close to vets. Darcy kept the fact that Dr. Silver was interviewed by NBC on Tuesday a secret from me because clearly he believed I would become over stimulated. Once the news hits the wires we will be looking to gain access to this interview as America loves its television media.
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