Meet the Barking and Meowing Babies that Inspire Us

The Furry Family behind the True Leaf Team

True Leaf is a medical marijuana company carving a niche in the $58 billion pet industry by marketing a line of hemp-based chews and supplements in the natural pet food category. At True Leaf we call ourselves the Quality of Life Company for people and pets. We care about your pet’s ENTIRE life; it’s our goal to provide a safe, natural way to improve their quality of life with hemp-based products.

Behind every innovative entity is a dedicated team driving the company forward. And, behind the True Leaf team is a family of furry loved ones, which are inspiring us to branch into pet products. For us, (and, no doubt, for you) our pets are family; they are there when we are lonely and need a friend. Our pets are happy to see us no matter what mood we are in.  Our pets bring us joy and love, and they inspire us to return the favor with our new line of pet products.

Meet the furry family that inspires the True Leaf Team!

Darcy Bomford – CEO | Meet Molly and Sophie

Sophie is 81/2 years old, comes from Manitoba and is a pure bred Golden Retriever. Always happy, always hungry and always ready for a treat. She loves to tease; she’s slightly stinky but loveable and the most laid back dog I have ever had. Molly is a lab mix, 9 years old, a little bit of a princess, but completely loyal and loves to cuddle. She is gentle but wise and always ready for a run or to play with a stick. The two dogs are completely inseparable and walk, run and play, shoulders together, wherever we go.

Chuck Austin – CFO | Meet Shiwa & Oyo

Shiwa and Oyo are Tibetan Terriers and love the snow. They have big snow shoe paws. Shiwa means Peace in Tibetan and Oyo means Terrier.

Ruth Brennan – Controller | Meet Alex & Bella

Our two 6-year-old Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle dogs with a happy-go-lucky attitude about life. They are calm but gregarious, and sometimes even a little goofy when they play.

Rik Klingle – Creative Director | Meet Kess

Kess is a three-year-old black lab who is the happiest, sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. We almost lost her around Christmas when she ate something she shouldn’t have (typical lab), but she is healthy again and we are so very grateful.

Paul Sullivan – Director Of Public Relations | RIP Cleo

Cleo, the best dog ever. She left us when she was 12.

Arnaud Bodin – Designer | Meet Betsy

Betty is a clumsy 4-year-old Siamese cat. Betsy’s favourite activity of the day (after sleeping and talking) is looking through the windows to count gulls.

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