New York Cannabis Conference: International Cannabis Association

Recap by Kevin Bottomley.

At the conference, Day 2 in New York City provided much of the same excitement as Day 1 but with a few key notable exceptions:

The New York Times ran a story on the previous day’s events at the show, which mentioned Hemp Chews For Dogs. True Leaf was recognized as the only company focused on the 58 billion dollar per space with our hemp based chews and supplements. True Leaf’s CEO, Darcy was also interviewed by NBC online for a segment that will run later this week (we will keep you posted).  There were also a few more-less commercialized publications that took to our story and promised to cover us as we move forward.

It is interesting to see how these major cities transformed with the granting of permits to groups to start cultivation of medicinal cannabis within their state. Chicago was very focused on industry service providers, as Illinois had just granted three or four licenses. With New York just on the cusp of granting their first permits to grow in state we found a much more diverse crowd of people. The sheer density of the city itself allowed us to tell the story to at least 3 times the amount of people in a much shorter time frame. We were able to connect with 3 groups that would be a nice financial partner moving forward.

We didn’t have a lot of previous experience in the New York market as it appeals to Pet Retailers, so we popped into a boutique pet food store in midtown called The Barking Zoo. We asked the owner if he had ever heard of a dog chew made from hemp? He said that he thought he’d read about it recently but had not had an opportunity to secure supply for his store. We then revealed our true nature for stopping in and he basically told us that he is firm believer in hemp not only for humans but also for pets and he would stock our product as soon as it’s After a little digging we realized there were over 50 boutique – pet shops included. 

True Leaf was once again the only company promoting the health benefits of a hemp-based treat for dogs! New York along with Chicago represents a huge retail market opportunity.

If we can continue to meet our Timelines and Milestones True Leaf will have extremely strong distribution in these major metropolises!

About International Cannabis AssociationThe International Cannabis Association (ICA) provides the resources necessary for professionals to succeed in the cannabis industry. Whether considering starting a cannabis business, taking an existing cannabis business to the next level or expanding service to support the cannabis industry, the ICA is here to help. By offering educational conferences and networking events, the International Cannabis Association brings together experts from across the cannabis industry as well as individuals simply interested in getting started.  As the cannabis industry’s business-to-business association, the ICA is the professional’s source for timely, entrepreneurial and high-quality information.  For more information

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