Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition in Los Angeles

First off thank you to everyone that helped put together all of the moving parts for yesterday’s product launch in L.A.

We were once again met with overwhelming enthusiasm towards our hemp supplement line!

This was not only an unveiling of our packaging and product but a chance to start collecting orders from U.S. clients. We set up at our booth with a simple pre-order sign up sheet which will allow our team to contact individuals once we are in a position to fill U.S. orders ( approx. 90 days ).

What happened over the course of the next 8 hours was incredible……Riding the wave that our entire team created over social media , news wires and research reports we began the show with a flurry of activity. The product looked dynamite on display and we were the only company talking pet wellness.

People intently listened to Darcy and I as we described True Leaf and our vision and goals. 90 % of the people that stopped by asked how and where they could purchase True Calm, True  Spirit and True Love.

What was really exciting was the mix of people and their appetites for product. We ranged from individuals that wanted to try a specific single product to people that wanted exclusive rights to sell in different states in the U.S. We had a lady that represents major specialty grocery chains we had a number of dispensary owners that fell in love with the product we even had a animal massage therapist come by!

When the just settled a little past 6pm we had over 80 people that requested product as soon as we could make deliveries in America.

It became highly obvious that California will be a key target market for us. From the moment we arrived in downtown L.A. we could see that even in the downtown core that people are dog crazy! We had a half dozen people come by our booth at the show with their dogs!

Between Darcy and I will did 4 media interviews for smaller publications in the U.S and Europe.

Today the media presence will be from the major networks. Fox News, MSNBC, vice and even a few people from the Jimmy Kimmel show apparently.

The cherry on the pie came late into the day. A time at which most mere mortals may have already packed up a slid out find a carbonated companion. Cheryl Shuman the undisputed Queen of Green from Beverly Hills stopped by our booth with open arms. She raved to her colleagues about our company and product.

Darcy and I first met Cheryl I’m NYC in June. She loved what we were doing and promised vyo help us with media contacts and potential financiers. Travelling in her entourage was someone that Darcy and I had previously targeted when we were a fledgling medicinal Cannabis company that was swimming upstream against Health Canada for a federal license.

Sasha Jacob told Darcy and I while in Toronto over a year ago that his firm was no longer financing companies in the MJ space that were not licensed producers. This eliminates 95% of the junior companies coming through his door in Toronto.

Much to his surprise True Leafs resilience had transformed a 1 in 1000 shot junior into a viable pet supplements company with a solid business plan and a potential customer base that spans from coast to coast in Canada and all 52 states in the U.S.

Thanks again to everyone that gave Darcy and I the very best recipe for success.

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