U-S Swing Successful For True Leaf

True Leaf Medicine CEO Darcy Bomford is feeling more convinced U-S investors are interested in what the company has to offer after trip to New York and Boston last week.

He says it’s clear capital markets in both cities are looking at investigating in cannabis companies and he expects some activity in the summer after rules surrounding the industry become clearer.

“The market’s starting to rally a little bit now. It’s been a little soft after the last couple of months, but I think as we ramp up to legalization this summer there’ll be another lift in the market and we’ll see more activity for sure.”

Bomford says True Leaf’s strength lies in being a global plant-based health care brand as a solution for people and pets to some of the harsher pharmaceuticals.

He says he found with regulations easing here, investors are looking for Canadian companies like True Leaf that have business in the U-S.

” Yeah, some of the U-S exchanges, they’re looking at Canadian companies that have business in the U-S and if they are, in some of the states that are frowned upon by the federal government then they’re deciding to sell those assets so they have more attraction to some of these larger exchanges in the U-S.”

He says the Canadian investment market is also looking good with True Leaf in discussions with some higher level capital advisory firms.

The company will likely move to raise more capital later this year with investors from both Canada and the United States.



SOURCE: http://www.beachradiovernon.ca/2018/04/17/u-s-swing-successful-for-true-leaf/

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