True Leaf Message Spreading In United States

True Leaf Medicine International CEO Darcy Bomford received a good reception at an investors conference in New York Monday.

Bomford spoke at the 7th Annual Microcap Conference and found a lot of interest in what True Leaf is doing.

“Definitely, medicinal cannabis, cannabis overall has a huge interest in the U-S. Some of the larger stock exchanges like Nasdaq are now listing cannabis companies to some extent. They’re just starting. I think there’s a big opportunity down here for sure.”

Bomford has more meetings today around New York City before going to Boston on Thursday where interest has been growing in the industry.

“Boston is unique because Massachusetts has just passed a medicinal cannabis law. They’re now the next big state looking at, ultimately the legalization of cannabis.”

Bomford says there’s a lot of interest in what True Leaf is doing and he feels the the way the company markets its hemp-seed based pet supplements, it has a leg up in the United States.

He stresses he’s not on a financing trip right now but just getting the message out about the company and its plans, including the medicinal growing plant under construction in Lumby.

The company is also hoping to be involved in some trials on products with medicinal cannabis strains.

“This is a unique opportunity with the medical community in cannabis where you know a lot of physicians may not be willing to completely drop using pharmaceuticals but they may open to using cannabis with pharmaceuticals in a lesser amount.”

Overall there could be lesser side effects.

Another possible trial includes using cannabis for opiod reduction.

“That’s another huge opportunity we see with cannabis as medicine because some people are able to get off opiods by substituting cannabis”

Bomford says True Leaf has been talking with local First Nations leaders about such a program.

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