A "True Spirit" Testimonial

"Jack is our 8 year old British Yellow Lab. Until September of 2015, he was very active running and playing with his best friend Rex - who is a Border Collie Lab cross.

All day long they would run and play as they have 40 acres of orchard to call their playground. In September 2015, Jack slowed down. Not really noticeable at first, but would come and sit on the golf cart in the orchard or in the yard. By October, there were days that he couldn't make it up the steps without great effort - and my encouragement. We had read about True Leaf and its products, so I got in touch with Darcy and talked to him about Jack. We put him on 2 chews per day for joint support. One in the AM and 1 in the PM. Within the first 2 weeks a noticeable difference was noted. Now - 2 months later - he runs and plays like a young pup with little or no noticeable pain. And yes, he now bounds up a flight of stairs without effort. 

We are "true believers" in True Leaf and their True Spirit Hemp Chews. Once again I wish to thank you for a fine product. I would recommend True Spirit for aging dogs who have joint pain due to active lifestyle."

​Marg, Lake Country, BC.
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